Frequently Asked Questions

Q:What is Trade of the Arts about?
A:Trade of the Arts is a Classified advertisement website/network exclusively devoted to Theatre, Production, Acting, Music, Artwork, Modeling, services, items wanted, items for sale, gigs, and discussion forums concerning the Fine Arts community.

Q: Does it cost any money to use the site?
A: Absolutely not. You can become a member by creating a free account. You can also post free Ads or listings without creating an account or logging in to the site.

Q: What kind of content is allowed on the site?
A: The site allows all content and activity that pertains to the Fine Arts community ONLY. Any content found on the site that is not in relation to the arts will be erased immediately.

Q: How long will my Ad be visible?
A:Your Ad will stay visible according to the date and time it was posted. As time passes and other content is posted, older Ads and listings drop.

Q:How many posts am I allowed to make?
A:You are free to post as many Ad's listings, and content as you wish.